COVID-19 Safety Policy


The purpose of this policy is to minimise risks of harm to all involved at an International Sports Camps Program. The camps will have a first aid officer and a COVID-19 marshall attending to ensure that best practise is adopted in all programs to manage the health and safety of all children and coaches and staff attending.



  • International Sports Camps Australia
  • COVID-19: is a disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus.
  • Infection control: preventing the transmission of infection organisms and managing infections if they occur.
  • Social distancing: Physical distancing rules to prevent the spread by maintaining a physical distance between people and reducing the number of times people come into close contact with each other.


  • Camp staff will include first aid and co vid marshall to ensure compliance with policies.
  • Camps will feature effective control measures.
  • Risks will be assessed and managed during each camp program.
  • Camp staff training in infection control policies and measures undertaken.
  • COVID-19 Marshall and First Aid Officer will monitor compliance with policies and procedures.

Infection Control Plan

COVID-19 Marshall and First Aid Officer at each camp to:

  • Eliminate Risk Factors, Modify procedures and Camp Programs where needed and monitor and enforce policy compliance at the camp by staff and children attending.

Risk Assessment

  • International Sports Camps will identify infection control risks.
  • Risk Management identifies risks for action.
  • International Sports Camps develops actions for managing identified risks.


  • Standard precautions are applied in all situations.
  • Hand washing and hand care is vital, and hands must be washed and dried with a soap or cleaning agent.
  • Camp staff and children in attendance will be supervised in hand washing at breaks through the daily camp program.
  • Children attending will bring their own drinks and fruit and lunch to avoid any communal use and minimise risks for infection during camp programs.
  • All potential attendees at camps will be requested to not attend if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness.
  • Any potential incidents during camp programs of any infections to be reported on by the COVID-19 Marshall in charge.
  • International Sports Camps to notify the Public Health Department in the event of any potential infection.
  • International Sports Camps has lists of who is in attendance daily to aid in tracking in the event of an infection.
  • Physical distancing measures during camp programs will apply as directed by Health Department guidelines.
  • Any parents attending the camp during the day will be required to follow social distancing rules and regulations.
  • All participants and staff to bring their own food and drinks.
  • COVID-19 Marshall to ensure hand-washing and application of hand sanitiser by all staff and children before coaching commences and during the daily program at regular intervals.
  • Designated areas for hand washing and sanitising will be nominated and supplies of hand sanitiser will be provided. Regular cleaning of areas including toilets, change rooms and lunch areas.
  • Any staff or children that present with cold and flu symptoms will be prevented from attending.
  • Staff will maintain all records relevant to administering this policy, lists of children and staff attending each day.



This Policy will be reviewed each quarter.